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Branded Spa & Hotel Towels Can Promote your brand!

Passionate about your hotel? Well we are passionate about our branded Spa & hotel towels! We have just the ticket to help your promote your hotel or Spa’s brand.

It’s important to get your branding out there & to make sure seen as much as possible. When a past customer is recommending that great hotel they stayed in, its important for you that they are able recall that hotel or Spa. Brand recollection is very important & the use of embroidered hotel towels is great for achieving just that!

Whether it’s a budget towel or a luxury 100% cotton hotel towel, we have something for you!

Branding techniques available for our personalised spa & hotel towels include ‘embroidery’ & ‘relief woven’. For our embroidered spa & hotel towels we use an ‘aquafilm’ which stops the stitches from sinking into the material. As the stitches to not sink into the cotton fabric, the embroidery is therefore more pronounced and striking. Please do bear in mind that embroidery does show on the back of the towel. Our relief towels are custom made & woven, the logo or message appears almost embossed as if it has been stamped in to the towel.

Leave it to us…

We can take care of the design work for you! Simply give our specialist design team a brief which details how you would like your branded hotel towel to look. The brief could be notes, an illustration or a logo. If you would like to send us your own design or logo, please bear in mind that embroidery is suited for simple designs with block colours.

Hotel Towel FAQ's

If you have pantone specific brand colours, we can match them!

Preferably a vectorised .eps or PDF but if not then a high resolution jpeg will suffice.

Yes we quote based on the amount of stitches in the design.

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Custom Embroidered Hotel Towel

Branded Hotel Towel

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